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You can download Cube World here. It is still under development, but it’s playable and gives a lot of fun. The game’s almost finished, there’s nothing that could hinder playing. New features still ahead. The author is working hard, so we can… Read More »

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Today we do to you the 100% working Cube World Download Client.  We guarantee you that you will have working Cube World Download Client. With ourCube World Download Client you can save a lot of  time and $.The game’s almost finished, there’s nothing that… Read More »

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This post is gonna be short: Cube World final alpha update has been released and game has no bugs, everything is like should be. Feel free to download Cube World and play this awesome game for hours!   Free download Cube World ->click

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  This Cube World Alpha update cotains some major bug fixes and new addons. -updated keyboard mapping, -fixed start screen / save bug, -fixed buffs, respawn, -fixed commands, -fixed running away pets, -fixed too-many-items-dropped-bug, -new potions, -and more. Free download… Read More »

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Do not know how to play Multiplayer Cube world? The right placeYou’ll need: -Hamachi, -some patience, -Internet connection Cube World ->click 2. Download Hamachi from here (unmanaged version) 3. Install it and run it 4. You’ll see a window like this… Read More »